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Séverine Bion Meunier

Séverine is a native of France who spent her childhood in Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Senegal. She holds a Masters of French literature from La Sorbonne in Paris. She was a lead teacher in the French public school system for over ten years, with children ranging in age from 3 to 10. She has her Professeur des Écoles degree from the Education Nationale Française.


Exploring other pedagogies, Séverine became passionate about Maria Montessori’s ideas on education and her approach to developing children’s autonomy and love of learning. She received her AMI primary diploma from the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori in Paris in 2010 and has taught in several Montessori 3-6-year-old environments, both in France and in Massachusetts.


Eight years ago, Séverine moved to Massachusetts with her family where her three children attended Montessori schools. She loves spending time traveling with her family, cooking, exploring nature and entering sporting challenges with friends. Séverine is very excited about opening Capucine Montessori, a French/English bilingual school within the Wildflower network. Joined by Marion, her co-head of school, she looks forward to seeing the Capucine community bloom!

Marion Geiger

Marion is an AMS certified Early Childhood teacher for 2.5-6 year-olds. She trained at Seton Montessori Institute in the Chicago area. Marion was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil where she attended an American school from preschool through high school. She earned her Bachelors in Journalism from Boston University in 2010, and has remained in the Boston area ever since.

With an M.Ed. from the Mind, Brain, and Education program at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Marion is interested in further understanding how neural-cognitive development unfolds in early childhood and how it is supported in the Montessori setting. She has served on Montessori school accreditation teams and is interested in how we can disseminate best practices to support child development. Marion returns frequently to visit her family in Brazil and help the Centro de Educação Montessori de São Paulo with teacher training in the summers.


Marion has always valued bilingualism and speaks English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. She is excited to improve her French alongside the children as she partners with Séverine at Capucine Montessori!


We are always interested in meeting qualified candidates for teaching and leadership positions at Capucine. Please visit the jobs page to fill out an application.

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