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Help us prepare the environment!

Help us

equip the classroom with Montessori materials!

Why Donate?

Help us prepare a beautiful classroom for children from all families.

We are creating a community that welcomes all kinds of families and their children. We want to provide high quality, Montessori education for a wide range of children. The Montessori classroom environment is one of three important pillars that support learning: The child, the teacher, and the environment. The teacher's job is to connect the children to the environment and learning materials that will help them grow and construct their own knowledge. Teachers spend weeks preparing and perfecting the environment, putting energy into every little detail, paintings on the walls, order of the materials, and beauty. Startup costs for furnishing and decorating the school will be around $29,000. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to cover the cost of furniture and furnishings.


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