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Work at Capucine


Who we are:

Capucine Montessori is a small Montessori school for 3-6 year-olds that also offers support and education for parents. We are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts near Porter Square in an area nestled between small businesses and a beautiful residential neighborhood. We are a Wildflower school, which means we are part of a larger network of small Montessori schools. Our mission is to collaborate with families to nurture the minds and the spirits of young children. We strive for equity, community, and connections with nature in our urban environment. We want our staff to reflect the rich diversity of our students and families, as well as the commitment of our community towards the success of the school.


We are not hiring at this time, but we are always interested in hearing from candidates for future positions:


To Apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter to

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