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French-English Bilingual Immersion

We are a classroom of researchers, educators, and learners in Cambridge, MA, providing a high-quality French-English dual immersion Montessori education for children ages 2.9 to 6.

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A Wildflower School

Wildflower Schools offer an experience for children and a community for families that can be hard to find these days. They follow the principles that Maria Montessori developed 100 years ago, yet current with today's research and best practices.

Our schools are designed in detail for children as if the school were their home. Peaceful classrooms feature a brightness that inspires. Natural materials foster children’s innate desire to connect with the real world.

Wildflower schools are intentionally small—just 20-30 children—and diverse. They’re led by nurturing teachers who have committed years to their craft and to Maria Montessori’s beliefs and time-tested methods. Children get to follow their interests along paths that the teachers design to ensure students are mastering core subjects and developing socially and emotionally.

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